Boat trip over the rivers and canals of Saint-Petersbuirg

Boat trip over the rivers and canals of Saint-Petersbuirg

This trip is likely to be the most romantic of all the awesome excursions that I can offer you. For an hour or even more, abandoning the hustle and bustle of the city streets of XXI century, you will find yourself in St. Petersburg of XVIII-XIX centuries, when the rivers and canals already existed but there were no modern sightseeing buses. You will see the antique granite embankments, pass under the bridges built in the XIX century, admire St. Petersburg nobility’s mansions, as well as their reflections on the surface of the water ...

I recommend you a boat trip over the rivers and canals of Saint-Petersburg not instead of the tour around the city but after it. It will enable you to look at the city and its palaces from a different angle, because you will see a new antique image of the same city.

One of the biggest advantages of this tour is the absence of traffic jams!

I can offer you to join an English-speaking group excursion or we can arrange you a voyage on a private luxury boat. We have two of them to offer – the Venetian type boat “Katarina” and the modern high-speed motorboat “Monterey”.