For children


I am pleased very much when my tourists are mothers and fathers with children . Certainly, in this case my  excursions are conducted in different  way , in "special " language easy understandable for my little friends.
My first pedagogical education helps me to do it easily and professionaly. The most popular excursions for children are: The city tour or The guided tour of the State Hermitage Museum. Also my guests like to visit  suburban Peterhof with it's endless magnificent  fountains and have fun at the amusement fountains or to visit the town of Pushkin where the famouse Amber room in the Catherine Palace is.

Also you can find in our city the following places of interest for children-

Grand model of Russia
Museum of butterflys
Museum of dolls
St-Petersburg Zoo
Zoological museum
Children theatures                   
Chamber of curiosities
The Russian ethnographic museum 
Artillery museum  
Naval museum
Museum of Railway transport
Museum of water