Porcelain Factory

Porcelain Factory

If you are willing to take something with you in memory of our city, and not a banal souvenir, but something truly characteristic of St. Petersburg that is traditional, renowned and at the same time functional – it goes without saying that this is porcelain. Even today, the overwhelming majority of diplomatic gifts from our government are the works of art manufactured at the Imperial Porcelain Factory. Its production is exhibited at the most famous world’s museums, such as the Hermitage, the British Museum in London, the Metropolitan Museum in New York as well as in the private collections of monarchs, presidents and celebrities.

The Imperial Porcelain Factory was launched in St. Petersburg in 1744. This was the first porcelain factory in Russia and the third in Europe. The factory manufacture, most of all consisting of porcelain sets and statuettes, was intended for the Emperor’s family. At present, you can see many of these artifacts exhibited at our museums.

For the time being, this is an absolutely unique enterprise producing premium-class manufactures with their peculiar style that are highly valued all over the world. During the excursion, the expert of the Imperial Porcelain Factory will narrate about the history of the legendary factory and show you through several workshops producing the high-quality artistic porcelain. With your own eyes, you will see the birth of this real miracle accomplished by the best professionals of the factory. Concluding the excursion, you will walk down the gallery of the Modern Porcelain and call on the factory store where you will be able to purchase our enterprise unique production.

I strongly recommend you to combine the excursion with the master-class at the Imperial Porcelain factory on ornamenting. You will have a unique chance to ornament a few porcelain articles under the direction of the most skilled factory professionals. After the bake, you can keep your porcelain. The time of the master-class at the Imperial Porcelain Factory is about an hour and a half. The number of articles for ornamenting is not limited.