The mysterious season of white nights in Saint-Petersburg

The mysterious season of white nights in Saint-Petersburg

In its beauty and cultural heritage, Petersburg can be compared with such famous cities as Rome, London and Paris, but still it has one unique feature that outshines all the splendor of the famous cities – namely, the White nights - phenomenon of the Northern capital.

This mysterious season continues from May to July. At this time, the days get so long and the nights so short, that twilight turns to morning dawn, and the darkness never reigns.

And it is next to impossible to find expressions that could convey all the charm and proud tranquility of the majestic city, immersed in light haze of White Nights.

Their fairy beauty has been a hundred times attempted to be conveyed by artists, it has been glorified by poets ... But you can only feel this natural charm yourself, arrived in St. Petersburg.

You can just leisurely stroll along the picturesque embankments, admire the city flaming with lights, but the most interesting - to see how the bridges are raised.

This excursion can also be a car tour. Although, the most impressive tour will naturally be the night boat trip along rivers and canals, what I can organize for you  – that will really be among the most unforgettable remembrances.

The time of white nights in St. Petersburg is also the time of the international festival “The Stars of the White Nights”. Every year the program comprises the greatest opera and theatrical performances, grand symphonic works, masterpieces of the chamber music and new premieres. Russia is represented at this festival by the Mariinsky Theatre. 

And those who are especially lucky will be able to witness the annual grand show dedicated to all this year’s graduates of the city, which is held every penultimate Sunday in June. The most eloquent description of this event can be found here. All the words are idle here. It just must be seen.

Although this time is considered to be the highest tourist season in St. Petersburg, but it’s worth coming and seeing White Nights in all its splendor, like the magic flower of  Victoria Regia, revealing its gorgeous flowers only once a year for a few days.

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