Guided tour of the Museum of modern art Erarta

Guided tour of the Museum of modern art Erarta

If you like something unusual or modern – this is the right place for you. ERARTA is the largest international project in the area of Russian contemporary art, including the Museum of Modern Artitself (a building of 8000 square meters), an international networkof galleries (St. Petersburg, London,New York, Zurich,since 2013 – Hong Kong) and various programsaimed at popularizing the art. Its name is composed of two words – Era and Arta(from Latin) , which means “the time of art”.

The museum collection consists of over 2,000 works of art created in the second half of the XX – beginning of the XXI century by more than 150 artists from many regions of Russia. A number of unique projects can only be seen here: total installations – art-spaces called “U-space”, multi-mediatheater without actors, video art animated painting that is called –art-animation.

The gallery wing of the building has been given to the exhibition projects where the visitors can also purchase the works. The exhibitions are constantly being updated, so you can always see something new in ERARTA. Over the past two years, over 400 concerts, performances, filmscreenings and lectures have been organized in the museum. Creative life is boiling here.

The viewers are supposed to be given the maximum of conditions for an interesting and comfortable visit: convenient infrastructure, Wi-Fi, a contemporary restaurant “Iskusstvo esti!” and a cozy cafe with a terrace, different shops selling books, author gifts and prints. Perhaps it is one of the most quality and thought-through museums in our city.

In 2013, the Museum of Modern Art ERARTA was included in the list of 10 best museums in Russia according to the popular tourist portal TripAdvisor.

The museum  aims to give the viewer the opportunity to discover contemporary art and to find something they are intimately interested in.

Without a doubt, ERARTA is an attractive event in the cultural life of our city.