Guided tour of the Russian museum

Guided tour of the Russian museum

We are always proud to be aware that our city is the most European city in Russia. It was built by the Russian TSAR taking into account best European models: straight streets and clearly lined blocks, European civil and religious architecture.That is why, it is not surprising that tourists expecting to see folk and traditional Russia in St. Petersburg, suddenly discover corners of Rome,London and Parishere.

But there is a wonderful place in our city that fully meets the expectations of the demanding travelers who are going to get acquainted with the truly Russian art. This is the Russian Museum, the most numerous museum of Russian art in the world. The State Russian Museum is a veritable treasure-house of Russian art – paintings, graphic art, sculpture, objects of applied and decorative art from ancient times - starting from icon painting, present days. In its fullness and variety this very collection has no equal in the country.

Almost thousand-year history of Russian artistic culture is presented not only through works of professional artists, but also through examples of folk creation. Now it numbers about 400,000 works of art and it is not just a museum in the traditional sense - it is a dynamic institution with close ties to contemporary art life and it makes it a point on your A-list. It is world famous for one owing to the richest collections of ancient Russian icons of XII-XV centuries. The museum exhibits works by Andrei Rublev, Dionysius and other masters. The gem of the museum collection is Soviet art of the XX century, a period when Russian artists were pioneers in the world of avant-garde traditions. The museum boasts of a collection of works by Kazimir Malevich, Marc Chagall, Vassily Kandinsky and Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin.

All the rich history of Russia will appear before your eyes through the paintings of the great masters,revealing its enigmas and secrets of the mysterious Russian soul.

Duration of the excursion- 2 hours.