Guided tour of The Saviour on the Spilt Blood church

Guided tour of The Saviour on the Spilt Blood church

The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, better known as Our Savior on the Spilled Blood is one of the most beautiful churches of St. Petersburg. Its colored domes are so famous that they can be considered one of the symbols of our city.

And at the same time it is a temple with the tragic history. Exactly in this place, on 1 March 1881, terrorists shockingly murdered Russian Emperor Alexander II. And his son, Emperor Alexander III wished to build the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ in this place. The subsequent fate of the temple is notless dramatic: in the 1930s during the time of atheism, the temple was planned to be blown up as many other temples. It was not blown up, but turned into are volting vegetable store. During World War II, it was tragically turned into a morgue. Until the late nineties of XX century it was closed and covered with scaffolding.

And only in 1997, the second birth of this truly unique cathedral came about – it was re-opened, this time as a museum. A lot of mystical coincidences and events are associated with this temple.To make it intriguing, it is worth mentioning the fact that during the war a missile hit the central dome of the temple, but did not burst and lay there for 20 years. It got just in the place where our Father (Pantokrator) is pictured on the inside of the dome holding the Holy Bible with the wish on the pages: “Peace be with you”.

Our Savior on the Spilled Blood is a unique architectural monument for St. Petersburg, which combines the traditions of Old Russian art, magnificent mosaics and stone carving. The first thing that catches the eye is the mosaics of the cathedral -they are truly unique. The mosaics cover almost the entire surface of the cathedral walls and arches. It is one of the largest mosaic collections in Europe.