Guided tour of the Usupov Palace

Guided tour of  the Usupov Palace

The Yusupov Palace is one of the most elegant palaces of the city. This palace that is not inferior in its splendor and wealth to the mansions of the royalty was a private palace for nearly 200 years.

It was owned by the family of the Yusupov Princes - one of the noblest  families of Russian aristocracy. This is evidenced by the fact that one of the first representative of the family was the legendary Abu Bakr, the friend and father-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad.

It is notable that the brightest representatives of this family deserve special place in Russian history. The Yusupovs are famous in Russia,not only for their status in society and their unprecedented, simply countless wealth, but also because of the role the members of this family played in the historyof Russia.They were highly educated, most intelligent people of their time – the most outstanding representatives of Russian aristocracy.

Starting with the XV century, the Yusupov Princes were at court of the Russian Emperors and were the participants of many important historical events.In 1914, with the Emperor’s consent, the last palace owner, Prince Felix Yusupov Jr. married the niece of Emperor Nicholas II, and thus the Yusupov princes intermarried with the Romanov family.

Each generation of the Yusupov family redesigned a part of the interiors anew, while other interiors were carefully preserved. As a result, the palace becamea kind of encyclopedia of St. Petersburg aristocratic interiors of XIX-XXth centuries.Their magnificence and variety will surpass all your expectations, you will alternately plunge into the atmosphere of a magnificent Baroque, fall into the time of Henry II, and then you find yourself in the famous Spanish Alhambra with its Moorish motifs. But what makes an undoubtedly lasting impression is a completely preserved home theater of the stunning beauty, a bit resembling a miniature copy of the Mariinsky Theatre. This is the place where you want to visit over and over ...just to get frozen with admiration!

The concluding part of the excursion will be the visiting the very rooms where Grigori Rasputin was once killed. It so happened that the palace is best known in the world because of this tragic event. You will see the wax figures of that tragedy participants of that terrible night, and among them – the wax figure of Rasputin himself, who was one of the most enigmatic figures of Russian historyand the wax figure of the palace last owner – Felix Yusupov Jr. , who was the initiator of this murderous conspiracy according to the legend.

The duration of the excursion - 2-2,5 hours.