Guided tour of the Cottage Palace and park Alexandriya

Guided tour of the Cottage Palace and  park Alexandriya

At first glance this lovely Palace is very modest. It is hidden among the old trees of picturesque park Alexandria. Long ago these lands were presented to the wife of Nicholas I - Alexandra by her husband and named after her.

No doubt, The Catherine Palace in Tzar's village and the Grand Palace of Peterhof are more famouse. They are  more pompous, more impressive, more spacious...But everyone who visit this small palace Cottage for the first time never regret even for a minute about his choice. How to describe this place in few words? - elegant, charming, cosy, princely noble, with rich and interesting history as it was the informal  Summer Residence of Nicholas I and his family.

It was their loveliest "Summer Family House", the place where three daughters and four sons of the emperor grew up. Lately families of Alexander III and Nicholas II used to live here in summer time as well.

Also I can't help mentioning to tell few words about the person who created this mansion- Adam Menelaws.How much soul and professional skill he put into his brainchild. Yes, brainchild. Menelaws commenced the building when he was nearly 80 years old. It was his first and the last  serious royal order- his "Swan song". 

Adam Menelaws managed to reconstitude the spirit of his homeland Scotland on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, here , in Russia.

The choice of architectural style was done by the master not  due to the  fashion of that time. It was the desire of the owner of the Cottage- Nicholas I  to create their "Happy home nest" in the way reminding his Alexandra her homeland.

 P.S. How I have already told you - the Grand Palace and Low park with fountains of Peterhof- is the most popular excursion.But in a hight touristic season the Grand Palace of Peterhof is overcrowded- noise, bustle...Sometimes we have to wait in a line for a half an hour even having the museum  tickets booked in advance. Low park of Peterhof and Alexandria park are very close, they  adjoin to each over.  So I recommend firstly  to enjoy the fountains of Low park of Peterhof and after that to visit park Alexandria with a guided tour of the Palace Cottage . Just few people are usually there .Tourists simply have no idea about the existence of  Cottage that's why going to the Grand Palace. 

The duration of  the tour- 5-6 hours.