Guided tour of Peterhof - the Grand Palace and Low Park


Peterhof is one of the amazing palaces and park ensembles of 18-19 centuries, situated on the shore of the Gulf of Finland known worldwide for its unique fountain system. Designed by Peter the Great as the official summer residence, it became known worldwide as the “capital of fountains” and became a kind of the triumphal monument in honor of the victories of Russia for the way out to the Baltic Sea.

The unforgettable panorama of Peterhof opens in front of you, if you are approaching it by sea on board the hydrofoil. At the edge of the natural 16-metre terrace towers the pompous regal Grand Palace, in front of which the Grand Cascade sparkles with gold. At the first instant, you plunge into the magic realm of fountains taking into account that there are about 200 of them here, not to mention the four magnificent cascades.

The best time for a trip to Peterhof is undoubtedly the summer, when the fountains are working all day and their powerful water jets are sparkling in the sun. You will surely be impressed by this entire water extravaganza surpassing all your expectations - the cascade Chess slide with the Roman fountains and a cascade of Golden Hill with romantic fountains Cloche and the Fountain Pyramid that unexpectedly opens before your eyes in the green. As to the fountains-crackers, they fill with joy both children and adults.

If you get to Peterhof in early spring or late autumn (as the fountains are open from May to September inclusive), you still will not be disappointed, you would love to see and feel the gold statues and flowing streams of water against the golden foliage or the young verdure. It simply should be seen and felt deeply.

Paying tribute to the splendid fountains, it would be unfair to ignore the small palaces that you will suddenly discover walking around the park.

They include Monplaisir Palace that is the only original building within the complex, the favorite creation of Peter the Great, and the Bath Building with the Russian bath, created for Their Imperial Majesty, and Marly Palace, designed for the residence of the nobles. At your request, you can visit any of these palaces-museums, and this is far from being the whole list.

On top of that, it is worth mentioning that in 1990 Peterhof was included in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage, and in 2008 it became the winner of the “Seven Wonders of Russia”.

Duration of the excursion - 5 hours ( Guided tour of the Grand Palace and Low park)