The Mariinsky theatre (New stage)

The Mariinsky theatre (New stage)


The Second Stage of the Mariinsky Theater is one of the most ambitious and talked about construction projects of St Petersburg of the last decades! Opinions on the matter are sharply divided. The controversy on the architectural concept continues even after the grandiose inauguration ceremony, which was attended by President Vladimir Putin who came from Moscow specifically for this event.

All experts agree, however, that Marrinsky II knows no equals in technical equipment, wealth and fabulous acoustics! Every subtle nuance of the sound will be clearly heard on the top level of the auditorium! Plàcido Domingo, Anna Netrebko, Ulyana Lopatkina, Diana Vishneva and other starts of the world’s opera and ballet took part in the gala concert devoted to this remarkable event! It was a cultural event which deserved attention of kings!

Outward simplicity of the theater, which has been the subject of so many debates, does not mean its plainness or inferiority. On the contrary, it is extremely radical, but its radicalism has an ideological nature: the new stage of the Mariinsky Theater was built with the intended understanding of the fact that neither architecture nor music shall intercept a man. No one will stay indifferent to onyx of delicate honey color which was used to face the walls of lobbies, which is in perfect harmony with the light wood color finishing of the 200-seat auditorium.

Long wires with crystal beads hanging from the ceiling, which refract the light of chandeliers, make the atmosphere festive and solemn at the same time. All the most advanced modern analogues were used to design the stage space. All the best from the worldwide experience of theater stages recently built or reconstructed was taken into account.

All the potential of the stage were fully used: its technical design makes it possible to place sets for four performances in parallel while one platform on which ballet dancers are staying motionless having completed a piece of ballet is being moved off the stage. Another platform, which is stately emerging from the opposite side, bring the sound of an opera aria or choir singing. So, the action is not limited to the stage space visible to spectators but extends to cover backstage and the whole theater.

All this enables the theater to accomplish the most challenging productions. Its creative team can work without any technical constraints.

«This theater is next to perfect in terms of technology, and almost anything is possible there”, such assessment was given to the new theater by Vassily Barkhatov, the production director of the gala concert.