Concert Hall of The Mariinsky theatre

Concert Hall of The Mariinsky theatre

Plan of auditorium

The Concert Hall together with the main and the new stages of the Mariinsky Theater form a superb musical complex, which allows its visitors to plunge into the diversity of the world of music.

Nowadays it is a cutting edge theater and concert complex probably the only one in Russia, apart from the Marrinsky’s New Stage – constructed according to the latest building requirements of today and originally designed as a concert venue.

The history of the Concert Hall of the Mariinsky Theater, which is also referred to as the Theater’s Third Stage, began in 1900 when the Hall for the Board of Directors of Imperial Theaters was built on this site, and during many years decoration sets for operas and ballets of the Mariinsky Theater were made here.

Unfortunately, a fire razed the workshop in 2003. For this reason, a new Concert Hall “Mariinsky” was designed to be built on its place.

The new concert hall provides the possibility to transform the stage. Thanks to it the hall can be used both as a venue for concerts and as a stage for operas and ballet, although concerts remain a priority. In terms of acoustics, the Concert Hall ranks alongside the best concert venue worldwide.

The auditorium has a unique configuration – it is shaped as a cradle. It was determined by the architect to ensure the high quality and wealth of sound as well as perfect visibility of the stage from any seat!

A remarkable events in the Concert Hall’s life happened in the summer of 2009, when an organ made by the famous French company Daniel Kern was installed there. It was the first French organ installed in Russia in the last one hundred years. Usually, organs for Russian concert halls are commissioned in Germany. However, French organs are different from their German counterparts in structural features and the character of the sound.

Since its inauguration, the Concert Hall of the Marrinsky Theater has hosted concerts of the best foreign symphony orchestras, among them the London, Munich and other symphony orchestras, the Philharmonische Oktett Berlin and soloists of the Wiener Philharmoniker and other prominent musicians. The Concert Hall has become the venue of Russia’s most significant musical festivals Stars of the White Nights, New Horizons, Maslenitsa, and Brass Nights at Mariinsky. Major performances are premiered here.