The Folk Show "Feel Yourself Russian"

The Folk Show

The famous Folk Show "Feel Yourself Russian" in Saint-Pteresburg is definitely the very place where you can be translated from today’s life to ancient Russian times when folk music and songs were inseparable from any person’s life and frolicsome dances united everyone who came to a festivity or celebration. Anyone who comes to the "Feel Yourself Russian" show will become a guest at the festival of the Russian soul, which is often called mysterious.

The colorful professional folk show "Feel Yourself Russian" is a unique tourist attraction of Saint Petersburg which will offer you first-hand knowledge of the history, traditional culture and soul of Russia in a nutshell. The performance lasts 1 hour 50 minutes including a 30-minute intermission. The auditorium seats 350 people. On the grand staircase of an Imperial palace you will be welcomed by les belles wearing panniers and a master of ceremonies. After you hear a string quarter playing music, you will forget that we are living in the 21st century.

The show comprises Russian folk songs performed by Peters Quartet in the academic style and folk dances by the Cossacks group Maidan as well as dances of different ethnic groups of Russia including lyrical dances of the people of the North of Russia, catching Cossack dances, delicately humorous dances of the Urals region and Siberia, and special tricks.

Buffet table is available in the intermission