Practical tips

Practical tips


St Petersburg belongs to the Moscow standard time zone (MST). It is 11 hours ahead of the US West Coast, 8 hours ahead of the East Coast, 3 hours ahead of London, 2 ahead of Central Europe

Russian Money

Our national currency is ruble (Rbl). We have banknotes in denomination of 10(very few), 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 5000 Rbl. and 1, 2, 5 and 10 rubles coins, as well. There are 100 copecks to every ruble, their denominations are- 1, 5, 10 and 50. Officially, it is  illegal to pay in dollars or euros. But all souvenir shops accept cash( US dollars and euro) and credit cards. Also you can find ATMs at many metro stations, banks and large hotels.

Credit Cards

At the same time we should say that unfortunately not absolutely all shops and restaurants accept credit cards, in this case you can use ATMs . When you pay by credit cards probably you will be asked for your passport (or its photocopy). Advise you to know the number of your credit card and its pin number, and their emergency telephone numbers, in case of loss or theft. American Express travelers cheques are exchangeable in the only  bank  "СВЯЗЬ БАНК" ("SVYAZ BANK"). Its address: Saint-Petersburg, Nevsky pr.38/4

Changing Currency

Recently you could change money not only in a bank - there were many currency exchange offices. Now you can change money only in banks. If you bring American dollars or Euros, it would be good if they are clean and un-torn ones in order not to have any problems with changing. To change money in the street is not advisable- it is risky, like everywhere. We will be pleased to help you to find a bank with more profitable exchange rates,if you wish. 

Things to bring with you

Gadgets: Bring a power converter and adaptor. Russian standard is 220 Volt. If you have a laptop or other electronics with you, bring an RJ-11 adaptor for the Russian plug.

Documents: Just in case bring a photocopy of passport and visa to carry around with you, as you may be stopped for a document check by policeman (though it happens very seldom).


Certainly, season is the main factor in deciding what to bring. Summers are usually warm and humid with frequent rains, especially in August- so, don’t forget to take an umbrella and raincoat. But sometimes June is rather cool – so it will be advisable to bring some warm clothing with you ( jacket or pullover). May can be cool or warm, July is usually the hottest month, September is very pleasant- mild with bright colours of Indian Summer. In any case, let us know when you are going to visit our city and we will give you the detailed description of weather of this period to help you. Besides, the last summer showed , that the weather can be absolutely unpredictable. But the most important is to have comfortable boots or shoes, especially if you are planning to walk a lot here. Also, take your pharmaceuticals, if you need , as it may happen that you will not find the very same ones in our drugstore.

Average temperature in Saint-Petersburg

January - 8 C°   February - 8 C°  March - 4 C°  April + 4 C° May + 9 C° June +15 C°  July +17 C°
  August +16 C°  September +11 C°  October +5 C°  November - 1C°  December - 5C°