Come to visit Saint-Petersburg in winter!

Come to visit Saint-Petersburg in winter!

I would like to draw your special attention to exclusive winter tours to St.Petersburg that  in our opinion feature much more advantages over trips made in summer. We noticed there is a strong stereotype among travellers that summer is the only relevant season to come- mostly because of inhospitable weather we have here during the other months of the year.
I am committed to break it! 

Russian winter in St.Petersburg is an absolutely unique period that will reveal something special to you- you will see why so many russian writers and poets gave their preference to russian winter and what is so much peculiar and original our winter has, how it can fascinate the stranger to say nothing of driving a real Russian troika (three horses harnessed abreast) or contemplating russian winter strolling in snow-covered parks of the city. All these things have inimitable charm, believe us! 

Moreover, there are some practical points for winter tours to Saint Petersburg: 

  • There are a lot of musical festivals held in St.Petersburg in winter

  • The theatrical season in St.Petersburg starts in September and lasts till the end of winter while in summer many of St.Petersburg theatres close a season.

  • In winter you can see all Saint Petersburg attractions but without bothering fuss and crowdness. In summer museums are taken over by tourists and cruise travellers and it is really packed so you can hardly skip the huge lines without our assistance and it will surely spoil the pleasure of your trip as well as kill the time.

  • In winter which is considered the low season hotel prices are considerably lower meanwhile in summer hotels are not only rammed full but also offer sky-rocket prices.